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Call for Artists

Request for Qualifications


Create artwork that will be used to promote 2023 as the Year of the Trail in North Carolina on billboards, posters, and more.

Artwork should reflect the diversity of trails and North Carolina, including hiking, biking, equestrian and paddle trails as well as urban, rural and wilderness landscapes in the mountains, piedmont, and coast of North Carolina. Images should also reflect different seasons and weather conditions.


Qualifications must be submitted by Wednesday, September 21, 2022 (10 am). There is no fee to submit qualifications.


Expected project completion: December 2022.


Each selected artist will be paid $2000 per image.

Apply at info@greattrailsnc.com

Black Balsam Knob


  1. This opportunity is open to individual artists working in 2D media. Painting, drawing, graphic design, collage, printmaking, photography, etc. will all be considered.

  2. There is a strong preference for artists with strong ties to North Carolina and trails.

  3. Applicants with strong graphic design skills are encouraged to apply.

Dan River State Trail

Year of the Trail Campaign Overview:

2023 will be the Year of the Trail in North Carolina. This year long celebration is an opportunity to showcase, promote, and celebrate our state’s extensive trail system. We envision a future where each of our 100 counties enjoys the proven rewards of trails, which include recreation, health benefits, tourism and economic development, transportation, and environmental protection.


To that end, the Great Trails State Coalition (GTSC) is highly invested in making the Year of the Trail big news for North Carolina. This statewide campaign will reach all communities and potential visitors with the message of how and where to experience the trails that crisscross our beautiful state.


The goal of the GTSC is to encourage every North Carolinian to get outside on a trail in 2023. This campaign for trails will reach a wide range of communities across NC with a specific focus on engaging people of color. We aim to host at least one trail event in each of NC’s 100 counties, including group outings, trail maintenance training days, and many other creative ideas suggested by partners across the state.


Throughout 2023, we will be highlighting NC trails and their benefits through broadcasts, print and digital media, billboards, and other advertising venues. Featured content will share stories of trails across the state and encourage the public to experience trails — both close to home and in different areas of NC.


In both 2022 and 2023, the GTSC will present at conferences across the state to prepare communities to host events for Year of the Trail. These presentations will encourage communities

to harness the many benefits of trails in NC, including economic boosts, community cohesion, health improvements, and environmental benefits.


Throughout 2023, the GTSC will be inviting members of the NC Legislature to events taking place along trails in their district. By connecting with stakeholders and constituents on the trail, legislators can directly experience the benefits trails provide to their district and the importance of investing in the NC trail system.


Eye-catching art will be an integral part of all the efforts surrounding the Year of the Trail.

Bicentennial Greenway, Greensboro. Image by Tiffany Stodart.

Selection Criteria and Process:

Applications will be reviewed by a committee of the Great Trails State Coalition. Their Artist Selection Panel may consist of committee members, arts professionals, and a representative from the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.

The Artist Selection Panel will choose five artists to each create artwork for the Year of the Trail and forward that recommendation to the Year of the Trail Committee. The committee will work with the finalists to ensure that a variety of trail types, NC locations and seasons will be represented in the final products.

Project Timeline:

RFQ Application Deadline:

Wednesday, September 21st by 10am

Finalists Selected and Notified:

September 2022

Project Awarded:

October 2022

Artwork due:

November 2022

How to Apply:

Apply online to info@greattrailsnc.com.
Artists wishing to be considered must submit the following materials:

1. Statement of Interest

A 500-word (or less) statement outlining in general terms how your artwork might translate to this specific project, experience you have developing art, and any experience you have with trails of any kind.

2. Professional Résumé

A résumé of no more than two pages that includes information regarding public art commissions, exhibitions, and installations, awards, special projects, community engagement, grants, and education.

3. Previous Work, Digital Images

Four digital images of recent previous work (created within the past ten years). Each image should include title, year, media, location, project budget, dimensions, commissioning agency, and collaborators or design professionals (if applicable). File titled Lastname Firstname__list

Do not provide or submit any other materials with your application. They will not be reviewed by the panel and will not be returned.

Muddy Creek Greenway, Winston-Salem.

Submission and Deadline:

All RFQ materials must be received no later than 10:00am. EST Wednesday, September 21st, 2022.

Incomplete or late submissions will not be considered.

Non-Discrimination Policy:

The Great Trails State Coalition opposes any discrimination based on actual or perceived age, mental or physical disability, sex, religion, race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, familial or marital status, economic status, veteran status or national origin in any aspect of modern life. We strive for a diverse representation of voices, life experiences, views, and interests to reflect the collaborative community we have and wish to serve.